Are your employees buckling up?

Nationwide, half of the people killed in motor vehicle crashes last year weren't wearing their seat belts.* They were Moms, Dads, grandparents, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, friends, employees and co-workers.

Wearing a seat belt is the single most effective thing you can do to protect yourself in a crash. It takes about two seconds to buckle your seat belt to reduce your chances of injury or death in a serious traffic crash by nearly half. There is no better return on investment.

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"Employees have approached me and said they were not one to wear their seat belts and had not really ever given it much thought—but they do now. That alone makes participation in this campaign worthwhile."

Jeff Brezden, Distribution Center Manager, Coca-Cola Refreshments, Bismarck

Coca-Cola Refreshments of Bismarck, ND piloted a six-week workplace campaign to encourage its employees to buckle up on every trip—no matter the distance. We're sharing the materials here so you can do the same with the employees in your organization.

It doesn't require much time or cost, but the potential for saving someone from injury or even death is immeasurable!

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Community involvement

The 2seconds campaign has application on a community-wide basis in those instances where community leadership, including elected officials and major employers, collaborate to run a synchronized effort using the toolkit materials.

A successful community-wide campaign would require the involvement of:

  • The mayor and other elected officials
  • Law enforcement
  • Large employers willing to engage other employers
  • The media

Media and community leadership can contribute to creating awareness to aid in assembling a coalition of employers. The key to a productive campaign lies in employers engaging their employees and family members.

2seconds is a toolkit developed by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety in partnership with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. You will find everything you need to launch a 6-week workplace campaign.